About Us

We are a customer-oriented company involved in the distribution of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment, materials and related products in the Philippines.

It is our goal to provide NDT practitioners with quality on the latest technology at reasonable prices and ensure that these are readily available at our customer's convenience and satisfaction.

Through the years, we have endeavored to represent only the well-known manufacturers of NDT equipment in the world. Cifra Marketing Corporation started as single proprietorship in 1986 and was incorporated on January 1, 1992. Our staff consists of truly dedicated and honest personnel, highly competent, with the necessary commercial and technical knowledge and expertise gained through the years of experience in the NDT and construction industry.

We are proud that we are serving most if not, all of the NDT users, automotive, aerospace, oil/petrochemical and energy industries in the Philippines. CIFRA Marketing Corporation maintains technicians who supports our sales group for calibration and repair of equipments.