Excess moisture in concrete can be fatal to a floor covering installation. To prevent mildew and major damage, the flooring industry requires smart solutions to check surfaces for moisture prior to installing floor coverings or coatings.

The Hygropin moisture meter offers the perfect solution to identify and monitor moisture in concrete. Due to the small and fast sensor of the moisture meter, diagnosing moisture according to ASTM F2170-09 is quicker and easier than ever before. The relative humidity test requires placing a measuring sleeve at a specific depth. This can be done either by drilling a hole or by pre-installing cast holes in fresh concrete. This moisture meter provides the smallest available sensor on the market, minimizing damage to the surface and reducing the installation efforts immensely.

  • Depending on the settings this moisture meter is able to display relative humidity, temperature and calculated psychrometric parameters.
  • Fast measuring time
  • Highly integrated sensor with only 5 mm / 0.3" diameter
  • Moisture meter shows trend indicators for each parameter
  • The two independent sensors channels of the moisture meter can measure ambient and concrete characteristics simultaneously.
  • Drilling an 8 mm hole in the concrete is enough for placing a measuring sleeve
  • The add-on for wet concrete allows pre-installation of measuring sleeves as cast holes in fresh concrete.

Display Unit of the Moisture Meter


9 V alkaline or accumulator



Probe input

Two separate inputs

Real time Clock


Psychrometric Calculations


Interface type



Max.10,000 readings

Logging interval

5 s to 1 h


Pixel graphic LCD, backlighted

Display modes

% RH and temperature, date and time

% RH, temperature, calculated parameter


270 x 70 x 30 mm

(10.63 x 2.76 x 1.17")

IP classification

IP 40