Profometer 650 AI

Dedicated functionalities for mapping concrete cover and for reporting any 2D rectangular rebar arrangement.

Profometer 630 AI

Advanced cover meter based on the new generation Profometer touchscreen with universal probe and scan cart.

Profometer 600

Lightweight IP 67 universal probe with detachable scan cart and spot functionality for measurements where space is limited.


Handy cover meter with integrated display and assisted detection feature. Profoscope+ includes all Profoscope features plus internal memory available for storing measured covers and diameters.

Proceq GP8000

Proceq GP8000 is the world’s first large-scale inspection solution that utilizes Augmented Reality in industrial applications, and is now available on Apple iPad with iOS 12. You can now augment the world around you with 2D and 3D visualizations of GPR data and insights merged seamlessly with your local environment.

Proceq GP8800 (Ultraportable Ground Penetrating Radar)

The rugged, lightweight Swiss Made probe packs our unique radar technology in a tiny footprint with gigantic clarity and depth. This makes it possible to locate rebar and tendon ducts by inspecting overhead, in tight spots, close to walls, from the edge of the slab—and in congested spaces, such as underneath pipes.

Proceq GS8000 (GPR Subsurface)

The one solution for locating objects and mapping the underground world using SFCW ground penetrating radar technology.