DB630 Series Digital Indicating Controllers

The DB600 series is a digital indicating controller with the indicating accuracy of ±0.1% and the control cycle of approximately 0.1 seconds. Various functions including universal input and multiple setting values (8 types) are provided as standard.

DB670 --- 96 x 96mm
DB650 --- 96 x 48mm
DB630 --- 48 x 48mm

Excellent control performance
PID control algorithm and Z control algorithm are selectable according to the application.
PID control algorithm: Conventional control method Z control algorithm: Our new algorithm (patent pending) which has evolved the PID control method. Especially, the effect can be expected such as overshoot suppression and speedy recovery in the event of disturbance control (during opening and closing of the electric furnace).

Large easy-to-view 5-digit 11 segments display
Process value (PV) and set value (SV) are displayed by large easy-to-view 5-digit display indicators. The resolution of 0.1ºC is enabled for more than 1000ºC.

Highly-functional operation screen and settings screen
The controller inherits the operation screen and the settings screen adopting the LCD (liquid-crystal-display) which has been familiarized for long time. Furthermore, the screens have become high-definition and highly sophisticated.

Operability inheriting previous models
The controller inherits the settings screen which has been familiarized for long time. You can set up it with operation which is not different from previous models. The performance of touching-keys has been improved and the outstanding operability has been realized.

24V power supply voltage type available
The power supply voltage 24V (AC/DC) type, which is advantageous in respect of safe, is available.

Various operating status in one glance
Operating condition
Setting value ramp (option for program model)
Analog bar output

Universal input
Various measurement ranges of DC voltage (up to maximum 10V) inputs, DC current input, thermocouple inputs and resistance thermometer inputs have been built-in.

Program Operation (option)
Set 4 patterns, 12 steps.

Conforming to international safety standards and Europeandirectives (CE) (conformity pending)
The controller is in conformity with European directives (CE), and is UL and c-UL approved.

Engineering Software (Standard attached)
By connecting to PC with exclusive USB engineering cable (RZ-EC3) (sold separately), you can load / save parameter data and acquistion.

Input Specifications

Input type: Thermocouple
B, R, S, N, K, E, J, T, U, L, WRe5-WRe26, W-WRe26, Platinel II, PtRh40-PtRh20, Au-Pt
DC voltage
±20mV, ±100mV, ±5V, ±10V
Resistance thermometer Pt100, JPt100, Pt50

Measuring range: Thermocouple 16 ranges, DC voltage 4 ranges, DC voltage 1 range
Resistance thermometer 5 ranges

Temperature unit: °C

Accuracy rating: ±0.1% of FS ± 1 digit of measuring range For details, refer to “measuring ranges and accuracy ratings”

Reference junction compensation accuracy: ±1.0°C (ambient temperature 23°C ± 10°)
±2.0°C (temperatures other than above)

Sampling rate: Approx. 0.1 seconds

Burnout: Upper limit burnout is provided for thermocouple, resistance thermometer and DC voltage (20mA) only as standard.
Output 1 produces PV abnormal output and output 2 is fixed to 0% when burnout occurs. Upper limit alarm event is output.

Input impedance: Thermocouple 1MΩ or more
DC voltage Approx. 1MΩ

Allowable signal source resistance: Thermocouple 100Ω or less
DC voltage (mV) 100Ω or less
DC voltage (V) 300Ω or less

Allowable wire resistance: Resistance thermometer 10Ω/1 wire or less (resistance of 3 wires should be equal to one another)

Resistance thermometer measurement current: Approx. 1mA

Maximum allowable input: Thermocouple ±10VDC
DC Voltage (mV) ±10V DC
DC Voltage (V) ±20V DC
Resistance thermometer ±5V DC

Maximum common mode voltage: 30VAC

Common mode rejection ratio: 130dB or more (50/60Hz)

Series mode rejection ratio: 50dB or more (50/60Hz)