Phasec 3D

Dual frequency instrument for crack and corrosion detection in metal components, tubes, structures and welds.

Phasec 3d dual frequency instrument for crack and corrosion detection in metal components, structures and welds. Stepping up to the Phasec 3d from the Phasec 3 adds dual frequency inspection capability plus several features designed to facilitate Eddy Current inspections. Dual frequency inspection offers the ability to test at two frequencies or modes simultaneously. This may be used to remove unwanted signals or give additional information. In order to assist in removing unwanted signals an Automatic Mix Setting (Automix) function is provided. This versatile handheld phase plane instrument can be paired with a variety of different probes (sold separately) making it suitable for a wide range of inspection applications. - Weld inspection is optimized with the dual frequency capability. - For multilayer inspection, using two frequencies allows simultaneous inspection at two distinct depths. - Automix and automatic lift off increase inspection speed and improve confidence by reducing the effect of lift off and probe orientation. - Weldscan probes for testing steel are available, providing a fast and clean alternative to magnetic particle inspection. It even detects cracks underneath paint. - Capable of conductivity and coating thickness measurements. - Supports rotary scanners. This item usually ships in 3 to 4 weeks.

  • Easy ro read
    The Phasec 3 Series employs a ¼ VGA TFT
    large bright colour screen, with a choice of
    eight colour combinations, so that
    viewability can be optimized for specific
    situations according to personal taste.
    Unlike monochromatic displays, which are
    temperature-dependent, there is no need
    to adjust the contrast when the display
    temperature rises. High resolution display
    and large clear text fonts also add to the
    readability of the instruments and ensure
    that operators no longer have to stare at
    dim, blurred images.
  • Easy Interpretation
    Colour coding is the key to the ease of
    signal interpretation of the new range of
    flaw detectors. As each channel is
    assigned its own colour, colour coding is
    used to highlight specific data, to allow
    easier, more reliable and faster
    interpretation of displayed signals. With
    colour it is possible to differentiate the
    graticule from the signal and different
    colours can be used for comparison
    between stored and active traces.
  • Lightweight,rugged and portable
    Portability is a major feature of the
    Phasec 3 Series. Instruments weigh just
    1.1kg including batteries and are roughly
    the size of a hard backed book. Each
    instrument is housed in a tough, robust
    case and instrument internals have been
    designed to resist moist, tropical or
    salt-laden atmospheres. While offering a
    large display the instrument housing is
    kept as compact as possible. Advanced
    technology batteries allow up to 6 hours
    operating life with none of the adverse
    memory effects of more traditional
    batteries. Furthermore the instruments
    have been specifically designed to allow
    the interchangeability of accessories such
    as probes, cables and test pieces,
    reducing the amount of kit the operator
    needs to purchase or carry around for
  • User friendly and versatile
    Operating controls of the Phasec 3 series
    are based on the Locator and Phasec
    series user interface. Consequently,
    operators with knowledge of these
    instruments can become proficient within
    a few minutes.
    Every instrument has a menu system that
    is easy to read and navigate. Its operation
    is intuitive. Set ups are rapid. They can be
    stored and recalled at any time.

Operating parameters can be rapidly
selected and adjusted using the unique
keyboard arrangement. Softkeys can be
assigned to assist parameter adjustment
without referral to the menu. Large tactile
buttons in easy reach of either hand give
good feedback even when wearing gloves
and all instruments are designed for
ease-of-use by both right-handed and
left-handed inspectors. A huge range of
parameter adjustment enables the
instrument to be quickly matched to the
most exacting inspection requirements,
providing extreme versatility in operation.
This versatility is also demonstrated by the
fact that the front panel controls can be
configured to suit specific operations and
then locked into operator mode.
* Built-in reporting software,large memory and USB connectivity
Phasec 3 series instruments are
compatible with our unique
Windows-based reporting software
package, Supervisor PC, which allows
operators to download both data sets and
screen images for reporting purposes.
The on-screen menu allows all functions
to be set and stored in the on-board
memory, which has the capacity for 200
set-ups and 200 traces.
An integral USB connection port permits
fast data exchange with the Supervisor
software. Once the data is transferred to
the PC it can easily be used to produce
reports, to print and archive.
* Advance alarms
Phase 3 series flaw detectors are
equipped with a digital alarm system to
prevent flaws from being overlooked.
Alarms, which can be audio, visual or both,
cover the full screen and can be
configured to meet specific requirements.
The virtual LED display also shows when
the spot is in the active alarm area.
* Digital precision
Phasec 3 series instruments incorporate a
number of precision digital features, which
lead to better quality inspection. These
* Advanced filtering
- High accuracy frequency and filter
- Auto balance with automatic load
* Auto lift off
* Instantaneous balance (1 key press)
* Trace record

*Range of Accessories
Phasec 3 series instruments come with a
range of accessories to improve its
portability, robustness and versatility.
A custom-built rubber boot can be fitted
to Phasec 3 flaw detectors for extreme
protection from mechanical damage and
shock. The boot includes attachment
points for a shoulder strap and has an
integrated stand. The stand facilitates
screen viewing and keypad operation
when the flaw detector is used as a
bench-mounted instrument.
A purpose-made transport case provides
a convenient carrier for the instrument
and all the associated probes, cables and
ancillary equipment.
Phase 3 instruments can be supplied with
a wide range of probe kits according to
the particular model.

  • General crack detection
    All Phasec 3 eddy current flaw detectors
    can be used with a wide range of probes
    to detect surface breaking and sub
    surface cracks.
    Adapters are available, allowing use with
    other manufacturers’ probes.
    One of the main advantages of eddy
    current technique over other NDT
    techniques is that it will work through
    surface coatings, such as paint and oil.
    Inspections can be carried out with
    minimal preparation; saving time and
  • Sub-surfae cracking and corrosion
    Using a low frequency inspection, eddy
    currents can also detect cracking and
    corrosion that is not surface breaking
    e.g.aircraft fuselage sections are common
    test areas This type of test is also
    applicable for other non-ferrous materials
    such as stainless steel.
  • Conductivity measurement
    Using a low frequency inspection, eddy
    currents can also detect cracking and
    corrosion that is not surface breaking
    e.g.aircraft fuselage sections are common
    test areas This type of test is also
    applicable for other non-ferrous materials
    such as stainless steel.
  • Coating thickness measurement
    The Phasec 3 series flaw detectors have
    an inbuilt coating thickness meter, which
    may be used for:
    • Non-conductive coating measurement
    on non-ferromagnetic materials
    • Paint coating measurement
    • Quality control in the surface coating
    • As part of a test procedure to improve
    the reliability of eddy current testing
    As with conductivity measurement,
    Phasec 3 series instruments take the
    operator through a simple set of
    instructions and displays the results
    clearly on the screen.

Rotary Phasec
* Frequency: 10 KHz – 2MHz
* Split Screen: Timebase/Spot
* Scanner Speed: 600, 1200, 1800, 2400, 3000 rpm
* Compatibility: GE/Hocking, Staveley, Zetec, Rohmann

Dual Frequency Phase 3d
* Frequency : 2nd channel 10 Hz – 10 MHz
* Probe Mode: 2nd Channel: Absolute, Locator, Bridge and Reflection
* Mix Gain: X/Y –60 to +60 dB
* Mix Phase: 0 to 359.9° in 0.1 Steps