Hocking Vector 2D

Dual Frequency Industrial Eddy Current Inspection System

The VECTOR 2D is a single channel dual frequency eddy current instrument with one sensor input. It has a built-in rotary bolthole inspection and electrical conductivity measurement capability. Its test wheels halves flange up or flange down and it also has a dual test mode that allows a complete wheel to be inspected.

The VECTOR 2D is ideal for the automotive and power generation industries, as well as metal manufacturers, tube/pipe manufacturers, and tube inspections.

  • Dual frequency, differential, and absolute modes through a single input
  • Detects defects in many components regardless of shape
  • Determines hardness of parts and can trigger accept/reject gates
  • Finds corrosion, erosion, fatigue, and cracks in non-ferrous pipes
  • Results can be seen and interpreted in real time
  • Applicable industries include automotive, power generation, tube/
    pipe manufacture and metal manufacturing
  • Operating Frequency
    Normal: 10 Hz to 10 MHz
    Rotary: 10 kHz to 2 MHz
    LCD with LED backlight
    Protected by hard coated acrylic window
    480 x 320 pixel resolution
    115 x 78 mm viewable area
  • Gain
    Adjustable together or as independent X and Y control for ultra-precise setting
    -8 dB to 96 dB overall in 0.1 dB steps
    Input Gain selectable 0 dB or 14 dB
    Probe Drive -8 dB, 0 dB, and +8 dB
  • Low and High Pass Filters
    Low Pass: 3 Hz to 2 kHz in more than 2,000 steps
    High Pass: DC to 1.99 kHz in more than 500 steps
  • Alarms
    Alarm options are: + and - levels, sector and box gate, flashing LEDs, internal sounder
  • Phase
    0 to 359.9 in 0.1 steps
  • Internal Data Storage
    Capacity from up to 50 traces and 50 settings. 28-character alphanumeric names, plus time and date stamps. Dynamic data may be recorded and replayed
  • Conductivity and Coating Thickness Measurement
    Capable of measuring electrical conductivity of materials in the range from 1 to 110 % IACS
    Coating thickness readings from 0 to 1.3 mm
    (0 to 0.050)
  • Probe Compatibility
    Absolute locator (100 ohm impedance)
    Absolute standard (50 ohm impedance)
    Hocking, Staveley, Zetec, and Rohmann rotary drives
    Hocking 60 kHz conductivity probe
  • Balance Load
    Manual or automatic. Selection from 1.3, 8.2, 22, 47, 82, or 120 H
  • Outputs
    Rear Panel Connectors
    Probe 1, 12 way Lemo for normal, rotary, and conductivity probes
    Probe 2, 12 way Lemo for normal and absolute load for probe 1
    Probe ABS, BNC for absolute probe
    Note: The connections of Probe 2 and PROBE ABS are in parallel with Probe 1.
    VGA OUT, standard 15-pin VGA D connector
    RS 232, 9-way D connector
    Standard I/O, 15-way D connector for
    analogue outputs;
    Remote control inputs for Balance,
    Freeze and Clear;
    External LED and relay drive outputs
    Outputs, BNC connectors for analogue outputs and remote control inputs
    Note: The output BNC connectors are in parallel with the Standard I/O connector.
    Power, 12-24 V DC at 2 A