Remotely collaborate with experts in real
time. Introducing Mentor EM for eddy
current weld inspection.

This powerful new technology makes
eddy current weld inspections easier,
more accurate, and faster. By allowing
the workflows to be instantly accessible
on the device, Mentor EM helps to
ensure strict compliance with codes,
guidelines, and standard practices.

Battery Size: 62 watt-hours/air transport compliant
Battery Life: 4 hours for most conditions
90-minute charge time
Extended battery pack adds 6 hours
Generators: 2 generators and 2 connectors
2 time slices max per generator
4 frequency simultaneous injection
Display: 10.4" XVGA 1024 x 768
Projected capacitive touch
Frequency Range: 10 Hz6 MHz
Sample Rate (max): 50 kHz
Receiver Gain: 034 dB
Gain: 0120 dB in 0.1 dB steps
Drive Voltage: 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16 VPP
Gates Output: 2 per channel
Alarm Outputs: 2 total, TTL levels, one per input
One LED on instrument face, audio through Bluetooth (headset protocol)
Operating Temperature: -20 to 55C
Storage: 8 GB SSD
Connectivity: Wi-Fi; 6 Bluetooth channels
Dimensions: 2.5 kg without modules; 295 mm x 230 mm x 60 mm
2.9 kg with 2-probe connector module and connectivity module
Image Formats: BMP, JPG
Video Formats: MPEG 4, Type 10