Zehntner ZGM 1130 Glossmeter

Touchscreen Display for all Gloss Ranges.

The Zehntner ZGM 1130 is the very first glossmeter featuring a 2.4" touchscreen display for measurement of all gloss ranges from matt to high gloss up to 2'000 GU. The display is switchable for either a left-handed or right-handed user. Our precision milled monoblock optic ensures stable and reliable gloss measurements. This glossmeter's powerful stray light compensation allows exact measurements of transparent objects. It also features automatic calculation of "reflection haze H" with our dual and triple angle versions.

  • Stable and reliable results
  • Features single, multiple and even continuous scan gloss measurements
  • Versatile measuring and data analysis software

PC Software
GlossTools measuring and data analysis software

2.4 touchscreen

1 million measurements

Measurement Modes
Sensor adaption V(?)

Measuring Geometries
1-angle: 60
2-angle: 20, 60
3-angle: 20, 60, 85
Measuring Range
0 - 2'000 GU

Measuring Accuracy
0 - 199.9 GU: 0.1 %
200 - 2'000 GU: 0.2 %
420 g (0.93 lbs)

Lithium Ion