Equotip Live Leeb D - Portable Wireless Metal Hardness Tester

The most intuitive portable Leeb rebound hardness tester

With the wireless Equotip Live Leeb D impact device and the intuitive Equotip App you are able to measure and collect data in any hardness scale. Global transfer of data is enabled through an auto-sync feature – and reports can be shared via email and other channels. Features include a secure web platform – live.proceq.com – centralized report template and profile management, along with full data traceability, logbooks and continuous cloud backup to prevent data loss. Equotip Live ownership is offered for an initial set-up contribution and a small monthly fee – this preserves business capital while allowing precise cash flow management.

Instrument Firmware:
iOS app including free updates (visit live.proceq.com for compatibility information)
Hotspots with predefined shortcuts
Audio output of readings allow to keep mobile in the pocket
On-screen guides
Automatic compensation for impact direction
Verification and calibration information for higher reliability

PC Software:
Webbrowser-based Equotip Live solution

Any iOS device (not included in the delivery)

Memory of iOS device

USB for charging and updates

Measuring Range:
150 - 950 HL

Measuring Accuracy:
± 4 HL (0.5% at 800 HL)

Coefficient of variation:

Measurement deviation:

Standard to large objects
Round objects: In combination with support rings
Cast objects
Heat treated surfaces

Additional Applications:
Fire damage assessment
Marine industry
Transmission gears
Rolling mills
Thermal cutting
Testing of rail welds in combination with flaw sizing
For Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 environments
Flanges, engine blocks, shafts, gears, landing gears, rolls, coils, bars, pipes and heat treated components

Wireless impact device and clean user-interface
Easily share your measurements and reports in real-time worldwide
Logbook for full data traceability and to add media

Native Scale:

Available Scales:

Available Probes:
Leeb D

Average Roughness Ra (µm / µinch):
2 / 80

Minimum Mass (kg / lbs):
0.05 / 0.2

Minimum Thickness (mm / inch):
3 / 0.12