The DynaPOCKET is a small, integrated digital hardness tester which operates according to the standard dynamic rebound method as per ASTM A956 and DIN 50156).

The compact design allows easy on-site hardness testing on solid, non-transportable components and even on positions difficult to access by other hardness testers. Quick and reproducible measurements can be made independent of impact direction due to a patented signal processing.

The DynaPOCKET integrates the impact device and display or evaluation unit into one instrument. This means: small dimensions, low weight, no cables. As a result, you'll have an extremely compact hardness tester at your disposal which really fits into any pocket, and goes with you everywhere without any problem.

The DynaPOCKET operates according to the rebound method in which an impact body is impelled against the test surface by spring force. Impact and rebound velocities are each measured in non-contact mode; the hardness value is calculated on the basis of these two readings. The harder the material, the higher the rebound velocity and the displayed hardness value. The rebound method offers measurement with high precision and reproducibility, and consequently an especially high test reliability.
Standard conversion tables for nine material groups are stored in the instrument from which you can choose the one that suits your application. You'll easily recognize the material groups by the alphanumerical abbreviations displayed by the instrument (e.g. St for low-alloy/unalloyed steel and cast steel, GCI for gray cast iron, Cu for wrought copper alloys, etc.).

  • Large coarse-grain components with surfaces as rolled
  • Forgings with inhomogeneous surface structures
  • Workpieces made of cast materials of all types
  • Hardness testing of large series products during the production.

Test method

Rebound hardness testing according to ASTM standard specification A 956; dynamic measuring method; ratio of rebound (Rp) and impact (Ip) velocities with output of hardness in Leeb's hardness value HL = 1000 Rp/Ip


Miniaturized processor-controlled rebound hardness tester; impact device and integrated electronics

Integrated impact device

Dyna D (tungsten carbide spherical test tip); impact energy approx. 12 N/mm2, diameter of spherical test tip 3 mm / 0.1"

Materials tested

Forged, rolled and cast materials

Stored material groups

Low-alloy/unalloyed steel and cast steel; tool steel; corrosion-resistant steel; gray cast iron; nodular graphite iron; aluminum cast alloys; brass; bronze; wrought copper alloys

Measuring range

Depending on the material group, e.g for low-alloy steel: 150-1000 HL; 75-1000 HV; 75-700 HB; 35-100 HRB; 20-70 HRC; 30-100 HS; 250-2200 N/mm2; 9 fixed material groups stored in the instrument


LCD, 4-digit display of the hardness value and status symbols