Equotip 550 Leeb

Portable Hardness Tester

Versatile Leeb hardness tester for on-site testing of heavy, large or installed parts. Rugged touchscreen designed to provide an exceptional user experience and best possible measuring and analysis.

Instrument Firmware:
Automatic compensation for impact direction
Personalized user profiles and views
Integration in automated testing environments (incl. remote control)
11 Languages and timezone supported

PC Software:
Equotip Link allowing direct reporting and custom reports

7 color rugged touchscreen unit (800 x 480 pixels) with dual core processor

Internal 8 GB flash memory (> 1000000 measurements)

USB host / device and Ethernet

Standard to large objects
Round objects : In combination with support rings
Limited accessibility : With impact devices Leeb DC and DL
Light objects : With impact device Leeb C
Very hard objects : With impact devices Leeb S and E
Cast objects : With impact device Leeb G
Polished objects : With impact device Leeb C
Additional Applications :
Fire damage assessment
Engine cylinder
Narrow automotive parts
Aluminium castings
Steel rolls
Marine industry
Transmission gears
Rolling mills
Leeb and Portable Rockwell combined
Automotive system integration
Thermal cutting
Stator wedge

Your Benefits:
Combine with Leeb and Portable Rockwel Use full Leeb probe portfolio and combine with Portable Rockwell and UCI
On-screen feedback to reduce measurement inaccuracies caused by the operator Comes with the high accuracy known for all Equotip products
Ready-to-go reports through powerful built-in reporting feature Ready-to-go reports through powerful built-in reporting feature

Native Scale:

Measuring Range:
150 950 HL

Measuring Accuracy:
4 HL (0.5% at 800 HL)

Available Scales:

Available Probes:
Leeb D / DC / DL / S / E / G / C

Combination With Other Methods:
Portable Rockwell, UCI

Average Roughness Ra (m / inch):
7 / 275 (Leeb G)

Minimum Mass (kg / lbs):
0.02 / 0.045 (Leeb C)

Minimum Thickness (mm / inch):
1 / 0.04 (Leeb C)