Magnaglo Kit

Magnaglo Portable Fluorescent Inspection Kits

Magnaglo Portable Fluorescent Inspection Kits come with a ZB-100F
Ultraviolet Black Light and materials used to perform magnetic particle
inspection. (No magnetic yoke is included with kit.)

  • Dyna pull off tester has an integrated digital manometer (with metric and imperial units)
  • The pull off tester Dyna is mobile, lightweight and precise
  • Constant jerk-free load increase
  • An optional electrical drive unit is available with the pull off tester
  • The pull off tester measures the adhesive strength of applied coatings e.g. plastic or concrete coatings, mortars, plasters, bituminous coats
  • Determining the surface strength of concrete and other materials
  • The pull off tester is ideal for the evaluation of tensile strength in concrete renovation
  • Pull off tester Dyna Z series with integrated digital manometer
  • Pull off tester Dyna ZE series with pressure sensor and electronic display device which allows the easy data-transfer to a PC or printer
  • Optional electric drive EDm available with the pull off tester
  • Pull off tester Dyna Estrich is specially designed to measure the adhesive strength of floor coatings