TIV (Through Indenter Viewing)

Safe for use on any metal surface and effective againts wide spectrum soils, using blends of surfactants, alkaline builders and corrosion.


Magnaflux conductors and adapters add flexibility to MPI units.


Magnaflux contact pads and plates help ensure proper electrical contact between test parts and contact heads.


Magnaflux field indicators are used to measure MPI field strength and direction throughout the testing process.


Magnaflux liquid solutions ensure uniform application of magnetic particles to test parts.


Easily and accurately measure shot time, the quick break status, and amperage of MPI equipment with Magnaflux monitoring devices.

Prod Sets

Magnaflux prod sets provide the flexibility to inspect large and complex shaped parts.

Test Pieces

Magnaflux test pieces contain artificial defects that simulate discontinuities when verifying MPI system performance.

Contact Clamps

Magnaflux contact clamp accessories allow testing of parts that could not be placed in wet bench MPI units.

Cables and Connectors

Magnaflux offers a complete line of cables and connectors for MPI equipment.

Centrifuge Tubes and Stand

Magnaflux centrifuge tubes are used to monitor magnetic particle concentrations in particle baths.


Magnaflux accessory coils expand MPI equipment part testing capabilities and discontinuity detection.

EV6000 UV LED lamp

This nondestructive testing lamps wide beam allows for shorter inspections and faster results. With a beam 33% wider than a generic UV light, the EV6000 helps you examine parts quickly and safely. The lamps 9-inch (23 cm) beam is remarkably even, with little visible light. The EV6000 is durable, easy to grip and exceptionally safe to use.