Centrifuge Tubes and Stand

Magnaflux centrifuge tubes are used to monitor magnetic particle concentrations in particle baths.

Magnaflux centrifuge tubes are individually calibrated to monitor the precise concentration of magnetic particles in Magnaglo and Magnavis baths as well as contamination levels of the solution.

Centrifuge Tubes
Magnaflux 100 ml Centrifuge tubes are used to monitor the bath concentration and level of contamination of the magnetic particles in Magnaglo or Magnavis baths.
Part Numbers:
8493: Centrifuge Tube for Magnaglo 14A, 14AM, and 20B fluorescent magnetic particles (0 1.0 ml in 0.05 graduations)
507923: Centrifuge Tube for Magnaglo MG-410 fluorescent magnetic particles. (0 - 0.2 ml in 0.01 graduations)
2461: Centrifuge Tube for Magnavis 7C/9C visible magnetic particles. (0 - 1.5 ml in 0.10 graduations)
1837A: Aluminum centrifuge stand safely holds centrifuge tubes when mixing bath concentrations
Specifications Compliance: ASTM E709-08, ASTM E1444, BPVC