Magnvis Y-7 AC/DC Magnetic Particle Inspection Yoke

The Magnavis Y-1 AC Magnetic Particle Inspection Yoke is the new generation of light weight, ergonomically designed yokes that improve job performance and productivity by reducing operator arm and wrist fatigue when testing in tight, confined and overhead areas.

Y-7 Core Benefits:
* Used to find both surface and near-surface discontinuities
* Articulating, double-jointed legs contour to parts shape for superior contact
* Solid state controls located in the yokes housing for maximum safety and reliability
Y-7 Yoke Part Numbers:
* 43550: 115V - 50/60Hz
* 43560: 230V - 50/60Hz
Y-7 Yoke Kit Part Numbers:
* 43509: 115/60Hz Kit
* 620741: 230V/50-60Hz
Y-7 Yoke KitY-7 Yoke Kit Includes:
Y-7 AC/DC Yoke, 1 lb. of #1 Gray, 1 lb. of #8A Red Powder, Portable Carrying Case, Paint Marker, SCRUBS Hand Cleaner, Powder Spray Bulb and Kit Instructions.

WEIGHT: 115V - 7.4 lbs
230V - 7.2 lbs
LEG SPAN: 0" - 12"
CURRENT TYPE: 115V/60Hz or 230V/50-60Hz