YM5 Permanent Magnetic Yoke

The YM5 Permanent Magnetic Yoke consists of hinged arms and rotating pole pieces to allow a wide variety of profiles to be magnetized while the specially shaped pole pieces permit easy removal from the component. The YM5 has been crafted in Magloy 1 for maximum magnetic field strength.

The YM5 Permanent Magnetic Yoke is a portable and convenient means of magnetizing components for crack detection. The YM5 is supplied with
a keeper bar, which has false indications so you can easily check the magnetization strength.

Core Features:
Field strength in center of 50mm air gap, more than 400 gauss
Weighs 7 lbs
Pull test - > 40 lbs. Field strength, with pole tips in contact > 7,000 gauss
Gauss pull test - > 40 lbs. lift
No electrical supply needed

Part Number: 001Y005