The Next Generation Desktop EDXRF Spectrometer

Engineered to meet the growing
demand for precise qualitative and
quantitative analysis of solids, liquids
and powders, ElvaX delivers the precision and accuracy of expensive stationary lab spectrometers for a fraction of the price of comparable performance systems.
Capable of detecting Na(11) U (92)
in a wide range of elemental concentrations, ElvaX provides ultimate versatility for a vast array of modern industrial and scientific applications in which elemental composition has to be known in a matter of minutes.
With a completely automated measuring process and an intuititive, user-friendly interface, ElvaX is simple to
operate for even the novice user. No
time-consuming specimen preparation is required, and samples may be
of any shape.
For the past decade this unique tool
has been widely used in Europe, US,
Russia, Middle East, India and many
other countries worldwide.

Precise, rapid qualitative and
quantitative analysis for hundreds
of applications, including:
* RoHS & WEEE Inspection
* Jewelry & Precious Metals Assay
* Metallurgy & Chemical Analysis
* Customs & Criminal Forensics
* Medical Research & Diagnostics
* Food, Feed & Cosmetics Testing
* Environmental Monitoring
* Archeological Research

Detectable Range: Cl (17)-U (92). ElvaX Light option extends range to
Na (11)-U (92); uses Helium purge instead of vacuum chamber.
Detectable Concentration: 1.0 ppm for most elements in light matrix; 0.01% for metal alloys.

Metallurgy: Precious and non-precious metal analysis; steel; ore; solder.
Jewelry & Precious Metals Assay: Gold, Platinum, Silver, Palladium and other precious metals (with
or without standard sample).
Chemicals: Elemental analysis of plating solutions, petroleum products, rubber.
Organics:Testing of food, feed and cosmetics for heavy metals and contaminants.
Environmental: Water, soil, burnt ash.
Forensics: Customs control, criminology lab analysis, archeological research.
Medical: Research & development, medical diagnostics.

X-Ray Tube: W or Ag target anode, Be window, air cooled.
X-Ray Generator: 4-50 kV (adjustable in 0.1 kV steps), 0-100 A (adjustable in
0.2 A steps), 5 W max.
Filters: Up to 5 position primary filter changer.
Detector: Si-PIN diode, thermoelectrically cooled, (optional SDD).
Resolution: 160 eV at 5.9 keV (<140 eV for SDD option).
Active Area: 6 mm2. (Special order up to 25 mm2).
Standard Chamber: 43 cm x 34 cm x 20 cm, 18 kg.
Large Capacity Chamber: 50 cm x 50 cm x 38 cm, 35 kg.
Power Supply: 110 VAC/60 Hz or 220 VAC/50 Hz.
Power Consumption: 50 W.
Data Acquisition Time: 10-1200 sec.
Pulse Processing: Digital Pulse Processor, base line restoration, pulse pile up rejection,
rise-time discriminator, automated adaptation to count rate.
Optional Features: Automated multi-position sample carousel.
(Contact for specifications).

Sample view video camera. (Contact for specifications).
Operating Software: ElvaXTM analysis package, running under Microsoft WindowsTM XP, Vista or 7.
Control: X-ray source output, data acquisition system parameters, sample and filter selection (optional).
Spectrum Processing: Automatic peak search, peak deconvolution, background removal, automatic element identification, net peak intensities above background.
Quantitative Analysis Algorithms: Fundamental parameters, quadratic stepwise multiple regression,manual spectra comparison.