Cooperheat Heat Treatment Unit

Manufactures a range of special heat treatment units tailored to meet specific client requirements. It is used for post-weld heat treatment and pre-heating works.

Temperature Chart Recorder

12 Channel input LED display and ink jet technology which provides twelve continous traces, also allows data to be measured in analog or digital mode.


Flexible Ceramics Elements

Triple Cable Sets

For use with heat treatment units controlling 30V,40V,60V and 80V heating elements. Includes two double insulated cables for power feed and return, fitted with 300A male and female connectors and one compensating cable fitted with type K thermocouple plug and socket.

Splitter cables

For use with triple cable sets.
Splitters are used where the
operator needs to connect
multiple heating elements, in
parallel, to triple cable sets to
enable the control of multiple
heating elements. This enables
the heating elements to be
grouped to a single control
output from a heat treatment
unit to allow accurate zonal
temperature control.

Thermocouple compensating cable

Suitable for use with type K thermocouple,where thermocouples, in addition to the control thermocouples are required for temperature monitoring purposes. Available in 30m lengths complete with type K thermocouple plug and socket or in 100m rolls without plud and socket (plugs and sockets can be supplied seperately as required).