Temperature Chart Recorder

12 Channel input LED display and ink jet technology which provides twelve continous traces, also allows data to be measured in analog or digital mode.

The 12 point Chino Temperature
Recorder has been chosen by
Mannings as the standard
recording instrument for on-site
pre and post weld heat treatment.
Each recorder is contained within
a rugged steel case to minimise
wear and tear, with rear mounted
thermocouple sockets for ease of
connection and with a 2m, 110V
a.c. power lead, with fitted three
pin 110V plug.
The standard scale supplied is
0 - 1200 degrees C, other scales
can be provided on request.
Power supply and chart drive
switches are accessible from the
front of the recorder via a clear
glass door.
Chart drive speed can be varied
in 4 discrete steps to represent
12.5, 25, 50 or 100mm per hour
by selecting the appropriate push
button setting on the front panel.
A fast advance feature is also
found on this panel.
With the chart drive speed set
at 50mm per hour, each chart
refill will last for approximately
360 hours.
A printed warning is visible on the
right side of the chart 12 hours
prior to a refill being required.
Each input is individually recorded
on the chart paper using a multi
coloured printing system.
The chart and the scale plate
are illuminated by an integral strip
light contained within the door