Flexible Ceramics Elements

The COOPERHEAT FCT range fits all pipe diameters and can be adjusted to heat treat a variety of shapes. Designed for both pre-weld and post-weld treatment, the COOPERHEAT range of FCPs will function efficiently whether they are spiralled of laid straight.
Cooperheat use the highest
quality materials available in the
construction of our Flexible
Ceramic Pad (FCP) heating
elements. These materials make
the heating elements highly
durable, which extends the
usable life of Cooperheat
heating elements beyond that
normally expected. This
extended life, high durability and
reliability combine to save you
money by:

  • Reducing reworks and lost
    time due to heating element
  • Reducing your annual costs
    for replacing or repairing failed
    or damaged heating elements.
    Cooperheat ceramic heating
    elements are constructed from
    high grade sintered alumina
    ceramic beads, Nickel-Chrome
    core wire and Nickel cold tail
    wire. The construction allows the
    heating element to be flexible
    and provides high heat transfer