Sentinel 880 Series Gamma-Ray Source Projectors

A lightweight,portable and compact industrial radiographic device

1075 Scar Pro

Small Controlled Area Radiography

CRxFlex: Industrial CR Scanner

The CRxFlex industrial CR scanner is a multipurpose workhorse for a wide range of applications. Designed specifically for nondestructive testing (NDT), it delivers better efficiency, performance, throughput, and image quality than any other system in todays NDT marketat lower doses for both isotopes and X-ray sources.

CRxVision: High-Resolution CR Scanner

CRxVision is a high-resolution weld inspection and all-purpose computed radiography scanner from Waygate Technologies, formerly known as GE Inspection Technologies.

SENTINEL™ SENTRY Series Co-60 Gamma-Ray Source Projectors

Experience extreme durability, simple operation, and low operator dose.

OpenVision DX Digital CUI Scanning System

OpenVision is a nondestructive testing (NDT) method using real-time radiography to quickly scan insulated piping systems for indications of corrosion or corrosion precursors, weld mapping, and heat trace location.

OV Security Live Video X‑Ray System

OV Security™, formerly OpenVision, is a portable, live video security x-ray system that has helped bomb squads and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams quickly inspect and detect high potential hazards for nearly fifteen years.

New CRx25P Portable Computed Radiography Scanner

The CRx25P computed radiography scanner from GEs Inspection Technologies business combines portability and durability with simple operation to create high-quality digital images within seconds.

The scanner is constructed to withstand the demanding conditions of industrial radiography for both in house and field service applications.

Eresco MF4

Reliable, Lightweight Portable X-Ray Generator

Isovolt Mobile 160

A versatile ang reliable, high performance inspection system

680B Source Projector with OPL

The SENTINEL Model 680B Source Projector combines the penetrating radiation of Cobalt-60 with the mobility provided by the use of depleted Uranium shielding.

865 Source Projector

Underwater Radiography

Standard Source Guide Tube

flexible stainless steel tubes with a protective polyvinyl covering

Extreme Condition Source Guide Tube

The Extreme Condition Source Guide tube is designes for use in extreme weather conditions

High Intensity Illuminator

Stainless steel film viewer is and ideal accessory for radiographic instruments


Reduction of radiographic exposure in one direction

SM-10T Densitometer

assures instant,accurate and repeatable results.

ND-2000 Survey Meter

A rugged,watertight dustproof radiographic survey meter cased in a two piece nylon reinforced fiberglass case

Safety Radiation Signs

Warning signs,barrier rope and tape.

Control Unit

A control unit is comprised of the hand crank and gearbox, a pair of control housings, a teleflex drive cable and a safety connector assembly.

NDT Cassettes

The Digital cassettes are specially designed for NDT applications

AGFA Imaging Plates

Special phospor imaging plates

Processing chemicals and Structurix Auto Processor

For Automatic Film Developing, quicker availability of results and high film throughout capacity

Structurix Dryer

Is an instrument that helps customers who process NDT films manually.


The CR 50XP is a higly portable and lightweight computed radiography scanner that is compact enough to be used for on-site inspections at remote locations that requires both a high throughput and high resolution.

Rhythm Inspection Mangement Software

Offers advanced image review tools and data management for all x-ray inspection modalities, including computed radiography,digital radiography and film digitalization. It is Ideal for the oil & gas, aerospace, power generation, and automotive industries.

PEGASUS Digital Radiography Solutions

Direct radiography provides immediate convertion of radiography intensity into digital image information. Exposure and image formation happen simultaneously allowing near real-time image capture, with the image available for review only seconds after the exposure.