Isovolt Mobile 160

A versatile ang reliable, high performance inspection system

The ISOVOLT mobile 160 represents the latest generation of ISOVOLT Mobile
technology. Its evolution has relied upon continuous assessment of the field
performance of the ISOVOLT Mobile range and it incorporates a range of
features which offer demonstrable benefit in terms of:
* Mobility
* Performance
* Versatility and Flexibility
* Ease-of-use

ERESCO MF4 generators
* Highest power output, with best image definition in its class
* High X-ray dose permitting short exposure times with
associated increases in productivity
* Operation with 100% Duty Cycle at 30 deg.C
* Light weighted and compact design
* Robust construction of control and tube heads allowing
operation in hostile environments (IP65)
* Lower power consumption meaning low energy costs, long
battery endurance and providing flexible operation with
portable power supplies or battery packs
* On-Board power electronics allow autonomous operation
and integration within crawlers
* Range of designs, including air-cooled, water cooled,
panoramic output and small focal spot, suitable for
* Wide range of accessories, including stands and carriages to
facilitate positioning during exposure set-up
ERESCO MF4 Control Unit
* Intuitive and menu driven user interface with multifunction-,
numeric- and cursor keys input
* Transrefective, backlit, graphic display for contrast optimized
indoor and outdoor operation
* Exposure Calculator
* Integrated, real time clock, enabling intelligent and automatic
warm-up of the generating unit, taking past operational
intervals into account
* Robust and ergonomic design for operation in different
working position
* Automatic recognition of the type and serial number of the
connected X-ray tube head
* Free configurable exposure programming mode
* Off-Line report generation and programming
* Multi-lingual graphical user interface
* Easily adapts to different mains supplies, including portable
generators and batteries
* Built-in fail-safe warning lamp
* Emergency stop button, in compliance with international

  • Aerospace. During aircraft maintenace and servicing, it is often
    necessary to carry out radiography in very restricted spaces. The quality of images is therefore very much dependent on the inspection arrangement and requires that radiography systems are extremely flexible.
  • Power Generation. The majority of inspection tasks in power generation relate to welds, which are fundamental to safety. Nearly always, these welds are in areas of difficult access and consequently demant a very compact design of readiography equipment. In addition the fact that a generator can also drive a panoramic tube is of great help in inspection of circumferential welds.
  • Oil and Gas. In the oil and gas sector, readiography is carried out predominantly on welds during pipeline and vessel fabrication. In these applications, the ISOVOLT mobile 160 helps to provide simple, fast and reliable radiography of welds and pipe sections.
  • Metals. As a versatile, mobile, and universal radiography system, with dual focus and panoramic X-ray tubes, ISOVOLT mobile 160 offers an optimum solution for weld inspection.