Sentinel 880 Series Gamma-Ray Source Projectors

A lightweight,portable and compact industrial radiographic device

The versatility in using Ir-192, Se-75, and Yb-169 radioisotope sources maximizes the non-destructive testing applications where you can utilize your SENTINEL 880 Series projector while advanced safety features minimize operator dose.

Model 880 series source projectors are used for industrial applications of gamma
radiography, mainly with Iridium-192, to inspect materials and structures in the
density range of approximately 2.71g/cm3 through 8.53g/cm3. Low energy
isotopes can be accommodated to permit radiography of materials and
structures of thin sections of steel and low-density alloys.
The 880 series exposure devices are also designed for use with low
activity sources with high photon energies for mass absorption
(gamma scanning) studies of high-density materials up to 18.7g/cm3.