OV Security Live Video X‑Ray System

OV Security™, formerly OpenVision, is a portable, live video security x-ray system that has helped bomb squads and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams quickly inspect and detect high potential hazards for nearly fifteen years.

OV Security has a small radiation footprint to help you rapidly assess packages and unattended items for "threat/no threat" in and out of crowds without drawing attention. Real-time live video, still images, and targeting images provide vital information in determining the next step once a threat is identified, potentially eliminating the need for additional manual approaches.

Event/Crowd Security
For nearly fifteen years, OV Security has been deployed at airports, major sporting events, and VIP events to perform threat/no threat sweeps. For example, at the Calgary Stampede, OV Security helped determine "no threat" from an unattended bag found in a crowd of over 400,000 people.

Secondary Sweeps
Secondary sweeps are critical for thoroughly clearing areas for potential dangers after an initial threat happens. Bomb technicians utilized OV Security to investigate and clear suspicious packages, bags, and cars after the Aurora Theater Shooting, Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting, Austin Serial Bombings, and Boston Marathon Bombings.