Eresco MF4

Reliable, Lightweight Portable X-Ray Generator

The ERESCO MF4 portable X-ray units are designed for
reliability in some of the world's toughest conditions. With the
ERESCO MF4 line, mobile X-ray inspection becomes lighter in
the true sense of the word. By using the latest display
technology, the new user interface to control and monitor the
X-ray setup, has been fully utilized and features graphic
visualization and menu driven operation to optimize

ERESCO MF4 generators
* Highest power output, with best image definition in its class
* High X-ray dose permitting short exposure times with
associated increases in productivity
* Operation with 100% Duty Cycle at 30 deg.C
* Light weighted and compact design
* Robust construction of control and tube heads allowing
operation in hostile environments (IP65)
* Lower power consumption meaning low energy costs, long
battery endurance and providing flexible operation with
portable power supplies or battery packs
* On-Board power electronics allow autonomous operation
and integration within crawlers
* Range of designs, including air-cooled, water cooled,
panoramic output and small focal spot, suitable for
* Wide range of accessories, including stands and carriages to
facilitate positioning during exposure set-up
ERESCO MF4 Control Unit
* Intuitive and menu driven user interface with multifunction-,
numeric- and cursor keys input
* Transrefective, backlit, graphic display for contrast optimized
indoor and outdoor operation
* Exposure Calculator
* Integrated, real time clock, enabling intelligent and automatic
warm-up of the generating unit, taking past operational
intervals into account
* Robust and ergonomic design for operation in different
working position
* Automatic recognition of the type and serial number of the
connected X-ray tube head
* Free configurable exposure programming mode
* Off-Line report generation and programming
* Multi-lingual graphical user interface
* Easily adapts to different mains supplies, including portable
generators and batteries
* Built-in fail-safe warning lamp
* Emergency stop button, in compliance with international

  • Standard radiographic inspections8, such as
    those carried out in fabrication yards in the
    oil and gas segment, in power plants, in the
    automotive sector and in general
    *Oil and Gas segments require inspections in
    extreme conditions, such as pipeline
    inspections - both offshore and land-based
    applications - where equipment have to
    withstand hostile environment like very low
    or very high ambient temperature or
    permanent exposure to salt-water, sand or
    *Structural integrity testing in the aerospace
    segment, where special materials,
    honeycomb sections and composites
    demand exceptional tube performance.
  • A real time imaging
    device, with small
    focal Spot (EN12543),
    for applications
    requiring geometric
    *A water cooled real
    time Imaging
    device, with small
    focal Spot (EN12543),
    for applications
    requiring geometric
    *A real time imaging
    device, with small
    focal Spot
    (EN12543), for
    requiring geometric
    *A water cooled real
    time imaging
    device, with small
    focal spot (EN12543),
    for applications
    requiring geometric
    Panoramic-Beam unit
    designed for pipeline
    and butt-weld
    *Air-Cooled unit, for a
    wide range of
    applications in weld
    inspection, Al casting
    and also composite