Processing chemicals and Structurix Auto Processor

For Automatic Film Developing, quicker availability of results and high film throughout capacity

The chemistry involved in the processing of radiographic film is a crucial part of the total cycle. Because the goal in processing is to control all factors that influence the intrinsic quality of the industrial X-ray film, the use of optimal chemicals is essential.
GE Inspection Technologies is the exclusive provider of the complete line of advanced, high-quality Structurix processing chemicals. Specially designed for industrial X-ray applications, Structurix chemicals are an integral part of our total system approach. They are compatible with Structurix film types and equipment to guarantee perfect development every time.
With the Structurix U, you have at your disposal the most universal processor from our selection. Structurix U combines simplicity, reliability and universal use in one processor. It is specially designed for customers who use medium-sized quantities of film. The Structurix U is very versatile and processes sheet film as well as roll film.

  • Offshore use
    In response to conditions and the demanding requirements with regard to access time, an offshore version of the U processor is available. This Structurix U offshore version suits the specific offshore conditions and satisfies the demands with regard to processing time (90 sec.) and reliability. Easy trouble shooting and repair make this processor especially suitable for use on remote sites. Moreover, the built-in developer cooler allows operation in warm climates.

  • Reliable
    The Structurix U is a dependable processor, no matter where installed. Built with solid components, the construction uses only simple and modern techniques.

  • User-friendly
    Thanks to its functional design, the processor operation is easy to control. An audio and visual signal indicate when the next film can be fed into the processor. The dryer level and the developer temperature level can be set using simple steps.

  • Perfect processing quality
    Three infrared drying units ensure uniform drying, in accordance with the principle of direct heat absorption. The fixer has its own heater element, which reduces the fixer warm up time considerably. This temperature control guarantees the film archival quality.Selectable processing cycles

  • Upon delivery, the Structurix U is set at the cycle time of 8 minutes. An optional cycle time from 1.5 to 12 min. can be set quickly and simply by an approved service engineer.

  • Replenishment by area
    Forward of the film feed slot five rollers accurately measure the surface area of the film. This unique film area scanning ensures a more precise economic and ecologic replenishment operation than if the film were only scanned lengthwise.

  • Automatic daylight feeding
    The Structurix U can easily be fitted with the Structurix FEEDER. Just remove the film feeding tray in a few seconds and connect the film feeding system in its place. With the FEEDER, you convert the Structurix U into a practical, automatic daylight film feeding system.