AGFA Imaging Plates

Special phospor imaging plates

The CR MD4.0 General Cassettes are user-friendly and durable CR (computed radiography) cassettes with a photostimulable phosphor imaging plate and a memory chip for storing the data entered at the ID terminal.
The cassettes and plates are compatible with your existing X-ray tables, so there's no need to modify your exposure equipment and routines when switching from conventional to digital imaging.
With the embedded memory chip, the identification data and the image are permanently linked as they pass through the electronic processing system.

*Embedded memory

  • A CR MD 4.0 Cassette has a permanently mounted memory chip to store the data entered at the ID terminal. The identification is performed by no-touch radiofrequency tagging via a built-in antenna card in the CR MD 4.0 Cassette. The identification data and the image are thus joined and are permanently linked as they pass through the electronic processing system.
    Comfortable and user-friendly

  • CR MD 4.0 cassettes are lightweight and very comfortable to use. They are made of a synthetic material that is warm and pleasant to the touch, maximizing patient comfort.
    Designed to last

  • The special ribbed structure of this synthetic material offers maximum rigidity, making it almost indestructible. Rubber corners protect against accidental drops.
    Foolproof manipulation

  • CR MD 4.0 cassettes are designed to prevent accidental insertion into Curix film centers, so that even in hybrid conventional/digital departments you don't risk errors.
    Backscatter protection

  • CR MD 4.0 Cassettes are lead-backed to ensure optimal backscatter protection and avoid adverse effects of backscatter on image quality.
    Antistatic inner lining

  • The inner lining of the CR MD 4.0 General Cassette body is made of felt, protecting against electrostatic charging, dust collection and mechanical damage on the CR MD 4.0 imaging plates.
    A unique service

  • CR MD 4.0 General Cassettes and imaging plates can be ordered as pre-staged sets. In this case, the cassettes are loaded with the corresponding cassette trays and imaging plates, and initialized in the factory. This unique service saves on-site installation and start-up time.
    Optional high-resolution cassettes

  • For high-resolution reading of 35 x 35 cm and 35 x 43 cm plates, CR MD 4.0 HR cassettes are optionally available. The embedded initialization software will drive the readout process to select a pixel matrix corresponding to a spatial resolution of 10 pixels/mm.

Body: ABS (acrylonitryl butadiene styrene)
Corners: PUR (polyurethane rubber)
Hinges: PP (polypropylene)
Inner lining: felt
35 x 43 cm (14 x 17")
35 x 35 cm (14 x 14")
24 x 30 cm
18 x 24 cm
8 x 10"
10 x 12"
21 x 43 cm (partial scan of dedicated 35 x 43 cm cassettes)
35 x 43 cm HR high-resolution cassette
35 x 35 cm HR high-resolution cassette
15 x 30 cm dental cassette
Embedded memory chip
Contactless RF identification
Backscatter protection
150 lead
35 x 43 cm typical 1.6 kg
DIN 6832 part 1 nr. 2
ANSI/NAPM IT 1.49-1995
IEC 406 (draft 1995)