Structurix Dryer

Is an instrument that helps customers who process NDT films manually.

With the new Structurix Dryer , films dry more rapidly than in conventional drying cabinets. The drying process immediately starts with no warm-up time needed.

The unit is compact and takes up little space in either the stationary darkroom or mobile lab. The lightweight of the Structurix Dryer makes it easy to move or transport.

The new Structurix Dryer consists of state-of-the-art electronics that makes it easy to operate and service. The new dryer carries the CE label, GS and USA/ Canada NRTL sign.

  • Easy to Operate

The new dryer can be used worldwide. No matter were you plan your operations, the plug and play feature allows you to adapt it to any standard outlet, accomodating all voltages globally. Drying temperature and processing time of the Structurix Dryer can easily be set and adapted to any circumstance. The introduction of step-less speed control enables an even better fine-tuning. Excellent results

The manually and thoroughly processed film first passes through the wetting tank. The water comes from a 2.5 liter water bottle.

Most water is removed from the film by means of squeegee rollers prior to the drying section. The film is then hot air dried on both sides and collected in the adjustable film tray.