EL3000 Series Analog Recorders 100mm (Dot Printing Type and 1-Pen Type)

L3000 series is a dot printing type analog recorder sized 144x144mm with 100mm width chart. The unit starts recording as soon as the power supply and input are connected and it is also easy to operate. Scale plate, input range and function of the recorder can be selected for various purpose and applications as many kinds of options are prepared.

Universal power supply
Universal power supply with voltage range of 100 to 240V AC (50/60Hz) is applied.

Linear temperature scale
The accuracy is ±0.05% and the resolution is 1ƒÊV or 0.1°C

Various industrial values can be measured at the same time with selectable ranges
Temperature scale of thermocouple and resistance thermometer input is a linear scale that is excellent in reading indication value.

Standard 6 chart speeds
6 chart speeds (5,10,20,40,80,160mm/h) are switchable as standard. 5 chart speed and hour/minute change are prepared as option.

Alarm setting (common alarm) as standard
Higher and lower limit alarm can be programmed for every point. Alarm value is easy to be programmed by pointer location. You can check the alarm by front LED lighting. Alarm output is prepared as option.

CE marking
The EL recorder is conformed to the rules of safety standards of CE. (Conformity pending)

Unit structure and light-weight
Light-weight (50% of the previous unit weight) was realized by easy maintenance unit structure.

Employing removable type terminal board
Employing easy connecting removable type terminal board.

Measuring points
1,2,3 and 6 points

Reference range and types:
DC voltage: ±13.8mV, ±27.6mV, ±69mV, 200mV, ±500mV,±2V, ±5V Built-in voltage divider; ±10V, ±25V, ±50VD
current: External installation of shunt resistor(250Ω) is applied (option)
Thermocouples: K, E, J, T, R, and B (option)
Resistance thermometer: Pt100(1997) (Measured current; 1mA)* Linear scale for thermocouple and resistance thermometer

Input designation:
Single scale (standard), double scale (option)

Accuracy rating:
±0.5% of input span (except for some input under standard operating condition) Refer to the table of standard range and minimum width of scale for non-standard input

Indicating deadband:
0.3% of input span

Reference junction compensation accuracy:
K,E,J,T --- ±1.0°C or less (23°C±10°C) ±2.0°C or less (0 to 50°C)
(For internal reference junction compensation, the errors above are added to the accuracy rating)

Temperature drift:
±0.02%/°C (Converted into reference ranges)

Measurement cycle:
6 seconds/point

Indicating resolution:
Approximately 1/2,000

Burnout (option):
On thermocouple or resistance thermometer input, disconnection of signal can be detected.(Up-scale and down scale burnout on all channels can be programmed.)
Burnout detection: Voltage application method (approximately 8V, 1mA)

Allowable signal source resistance:
Thermocouple inputs, DC voltage inputs (±5V or less) --- 1kΩ(burnout disabled) or less
DC Voltage inputs (input more than ±5V) --- 100Ω or less
Resistance thermometer inputs --- per wire 10Ω or less (Same resistance for 3 wires)

Maximum input voltage:
Thermocouple inputs, DC voltage inputs --- ±10V DC or less
DC voltage inputs (Voltage divider built-in) --- ±60V DC or less
Resistance thermometer --- ±6V DC or less

Maximum common mode voltage:
30V AC

Common mode rejection ratio:
120dB or more (50/60Hz±0.1%)

Normal mode rejection ratio:
50dB or more (50/60Hz±0.1%)