KR5000 Series Ubiquitous Recorders

KR series is a network-compatible recorder. It can record a maximum of 128 channels of field measurement data. KR monitors the loaded data through web browser window of any personal computer which connected to an intranet of internet. Moreover, KR Transfers the loaded data by FTP or E-mail without any special software. KR is usefully for the far-flung remote monitor system.

Adopting clear 10.4" TFT color LCD display
High visibility display with various display functions. Real time/historical trend screen, bar-graph screen and numeric display are selectable for various applications.

Large capacity of data memory and various recording method.
USB slot and CF card is equipped as standard memory provided 2GB and optionally expandable up to 8 GB. Various data storing methods are selectable such as schedule programming by time of day and time of date, recording start-up by external signal, and event and data logging of before and after trigger points for alarm.

Multi points stable recording with high speed/accuracy
High-speed recording of approximately 1sec. for every points and high accuracy of ±0.1% are realized. Stable measuring and recording are possible with high speed. Withstand voltage between input channels is as high as 1000V AC (Excluding resistance thermometer input).

Easy operating and programming without manual
With touch screen display, operation and settings can be performed easily by touching buttons on the display.

Direct writing on the screen
With attached touch pen, various comments can be written on the screen.

Extend inputs with CHINO controllers
KR3S can communicate with up to 16 CHINO controllers for parameter settings and read/record of measuring values through low-order communications (Option).

USB port provided in front
Readout of data and files are possible by connecting through an USB memory stick for PC

Support LAN network (Option)
Through Ethernet communications (Option), various functions such as remote monitoring by a browser, and FTP server, and Email notification etc. are supported.

Analyzing/data acquisition application software (Option)
It is easy to replay and edit the recorded data file with the software. Replay display has various mode of vertical/horizontal trend, circular trend and also has wave-analyzing and marking by using the cursor.

Custom graphic screen for per each applications (NEW)
By using optional custom graphic screen function, it can display the graphic screen which the user created by PC software KR Screen Designer (optional). Create letters, rectangle, oval, line, etc by drawing tool and allocate KR measuring data while making the background by JPEG or other images. By lower communication, controller SV, MV, PID can also be changed. Register up to 5 screens and its screens are switchable.

Input Specifications
Input point: A maximum of registered data (128 points)
Input interval: 1 second / All points
Group register: Group name, connected instruments number, tag name, unit, input operate (moving average, arithmetic expression)
* 16 channels are connectable per one group.
* A maximum of 8 groups can be registered.

Recording Function
Internal memory: 128MB
Record method: Continuous record, start/stop operate, event record, external trigger, start/stop timing.
Recording intervals: More than 1 second
Number of loading file: Select 128 recording points ... 31 files
Select 64 recording points ... 63 files
Select 32 recording points ... 127 files
Select 16 recording points ... 255 files
* 284 data or channels can be stored to 1 file

Data file form

Alarm memory
200 events. Stored in CSV file.