MR5300 Series Splash Proof Type Temperature Card Logger

Model MR5300 is a small size and lightweight card logger capable to store up to 6000 temperature data, and is washable (IP64 - splash proof).

IP 64 (dust tight and splash proof) enclosure

CE conformance

Automatic stop or endless of data logging is selectable.

Small/lightweight and easy-to-operate.

Built-in totalizing function.

Keeping of stored data for long term on low battery.

Stored data can be recalled during logging of data.

Measurement interval of 10 to 50 seconds or 1 to 60 minutes.

Storing of about 730 thousand data in a 1.44MB floppy disk (by exclusive file format).

Measuring range:
-40 to 60°C, 0 to 100°C, 50 to 150°C (0 to 50°C is available. For display only)
(Ranges are automatically switched by judging a sensor to be used.)

Accuracy rating:
±1.0°C ± 1 digit (±0.5°C ± 1 digit for -5 to 50°C)

Built-in/External switching (Automatically switched to External when an external mounting sensor is inserted, Measuring range of the built-in sensor: -40 to 60°C)

Input point:

Number of data stored:
6000 data (About 8-month data storage at the 60-minute measurement interval)

Storing mode:
Automatic stop mode under specified conditions or endless mode by a PC

Communications function
Built-in (Connection to a PC through a data readout unit)

Reflection type liquid crystal display

Display contents
Current data: Month, day, hour, minute, temperature (°C)
Recalling data: Data being stored per month, day, hour, minute or the following data in the stored data -Totalized data (°CH) of lower (L) or higher (H) temperature than a reference temperature -Number of activated alarms for higher or lower limit, and month, day, hour, minute and its temperature of activated alarm -Maximum, minimum and average temperature

Parameters Clock: Year, month, day, hour, and minute (Corresponding to leap years)Start time: Month, day, hour, and minuteMeasurement interval: 1 to 60 minutes (1-minute increments) or 10 to 50 seconds (10- second increments) Reference temperature: Reference temperature for totalization.

High or low totalization

High or low alarm

AAA (UM-4), 2 pieces Battery life: About 1 year (At 25°C and 10-minute interval)

Working environment
-20 to 55 °C; 10 to 80%RH (No condensation)

Storage environment
-20 to 55°C; under 90%RH (No condensation)

Housing structure
IP64 (Splashing proof)

ABS Resin, PANTONE® color (equivalent to 552C)

Outside dimensions/weight
54 (W) x 110 (H) x 20.5 (D) mm, 95g (Including batteries)

EN-61326, Emission: Class B, Immunity: Requirement for portable test and measurement equipment