MR5320 Series Splash Proof Type Two-channel Card Logger

Model MR5320 is a small size and lightweight 2-channel card logger capable to monitor temperature in two places and store up to 6000 data per channel, and is washable (IP64 - splash proof).

Storing of 6000 data per channel, Measurement interval of 10 to 50 seconds or 1 to 60 minutes
High accuracy ±0.5°C (for -5 to 50°C)
Automatic stop or endless of data logging is selectable.
Keeping of stored data for long term on low battery.
Storing of about 730 thousand data in a 1.44MB floppy disk (by exclusive file format).
Reliable infrared communications between the card logger and the data readout unit without any physical contact.
IP 64 (dust tight and splash proof) enclosure.
CE conformance.
Various kinds of sensors including a general type, a water-proof type, a surface type and a needle type.
A traceability or inspection certificate, which can be used for HACCP or ISO9000, is available. (Separate purchase required).

Measuring range
-40 to 60°C, 0 to 100°C, 50 to 150°C (Ranges are automatically switched by judging a sensor to be used.) With the built-in sensor (Channel 1 only): -40 to 60°C

Accuracy rating
±0.5°C ± 1 digit (for -5 to 50°C) Except above: ±1.0°C ± 1 digit

Built-in (Channel 1 only)/External switching
* Various types of sensors (separate purchase required) including general type, water-proof type, needle type and surface type are available.

Input point
Two points

Number of data stored
6000 data/each channel

Display contents (Each channel)
Current data: Month, day, hour, minute, measured temperature in Channel 1 and Channel2
Recalling data: Maximum temperature, minimum temperature and average temperature in stored data in Channel 1 and 2
Parameters: High alarm setpoint and low alarm setpoint of Channel 1 and 2

Operation by logger
Display start-up (With auto-off function: Display goes out after one minute.)Display content selection (clock setting, logging start/stop, key lock/release)
* Three function keys of DISP, SEL and REC

Communications function
Infrared communications to the exclusive data readout unit (separate purchase required) Settings of parameters and recalling of stored data/logging parameters by the exclusive analytical software package

Settings by PC
Clock, logging start time/stop time (in case of the measurement/logging interval (10 to 50 seconds or 1 to 60 minutes), high/low alarm temperatures, key locking of logger, logging mode (automatic stop/endless)

AAA (UM-4), 2 pieces

Outside dimensions/weight
54 (W) x 110 (H) x 20.5 (D) mm, 95g (Including batteries)

EN-61326, Emission: Class B, Immunity: Requirement for portable test and measurement equipment