Ca-Zoom PTZ6.2 PTZ140

Ideal for tank inspection (no need to enter a confined space), for the power generation and process industries.

The Everest Ca-Zoom 6.2 system is the worlds most advanced industrial pan-tilt-zoom camera system. The system features still image or full-motion video capture, CompactFlash removable storage media, an available laser measurement system, and PC remote control and re-measurement software. The PTZ140 camera head can be deployed through 140 mm (5.5 inch) diameter openings, and features a high-performance 36x-optical and 12x-digital zoom capability, high-powered halogen lighting, and advanced camera setup features with our exclusive iVIEW image management platform.

*36x optical zoom, 12x digital zoom for a total of 432x zoom capability
*High-performance variable dual-control lighting
*High-resolution images (470 TV Lines)
*Resolving power of 0.5 mil (0.0005 in.) diameter wire at 1.8 m (6.0 ft.) distance
*Integrated temperature warning system
*Laser Measurement capability
*Camera control unit with still image or motion video capture
*CompactFlash removable storage media
*USB-2 streaming digital video output
*Remote control of Ca-Zoom PTZ system via iVIEW Remote
*Unitized, all-in-one camera head construction
*Remote operation with hand-held controller with built-in color VGA LCD monitor to control zoom, lighting, image control and measurement
*In-air or underwater operation
*Portable operating / carrying case with industrial wheels

*Nuclear: Nuclear Fuel Bundle/Serial Number Verification, Reactor Vessel, On-line Monitoring, Large Pipe Inspections, Remote Monitoring of Contaminated Rooms and Hot Cells, Steam Generator Bowl and Secondary Side Inspection, Tanks and Vessels, ALARA, FOSAR, Spent Fuel Pool, Fuel Bundle Failure Analysis, Remote Tooling, IWE/IWL Code Inspection, Reactor Coolant Pump, CRDM and BMI Inspection
*Power and Process: Tanks and Vessels Inspections, Weld Inspections, Corrosion Evaluation, Coke Drum Lining Inspection, Floating Roof Inspection, Fractionation Tower, Railroad and Truck Tank Cars, Refractory Linings, HVAC, Elevator and Mine Shaft, Tray Towers

*Type: Color 1/6 Super HAD CCD (NTSC and PAL)
*Resolution: 470 HTV Lines
*Zoom: 36x optical, 12x digital for a total 432x Zoom
*Focus: Automatic & manual
*Iris: Automatic & manual (f1.6 - close)
*Electronic Shutter: Automatic & manual
*Sensitivity:1.4 lux at 1/60th sec, gain adjust -3dB to 28dB
*Field-of-view(FOV): Field of View Chart
*Construction: Anodized aluminum
*Dimension: 287 mm (12.6 in) L x 139 mm (5.47 in) D. Fits through 140 mm (5.5 in. diameter opening).

Camera Control Unit(CCU)
*Dimensions: 39.0 cm (15.4 in.) L x 28.0 cm (11.0 in.) W x 13.5 cm (5.3 in.) D
*Weight: 6.0 kg (13.2 lbs.)
*Power Requirements: AC Power Nominal Input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 3amps
*Processor: 32-bit Pentium-class embedded computer system
*Memory: 64MB internal Flash memory
*Disk Drive: CompactFlash, Type 1, accepts all memory sizes
*Video Inputs: Composite BNC and S-Video
*Video Outputs: Composite, S-Video and USB 2.0 full-VGA streaming digital video
* Still Image Recording
*BMP uncompressed - 900KB typical file size
*JPG Super High Quality - 200KB typical file size<
*JPG High Quality - 90KB typical file size
*JPG Low Quality - 30KB typical file size
*Video Recording
*MPEG2: High and Low Quality Settings
Up to 42 minutes recording on High w/1GB CF card
*MPEG1: High, Medium and Low Quality Settings
Up to 92 minutes recording on Medium w/1GB CF card
*Software Features
*Advanced Camera setup
*Freeze, capture, store and/or recall images, measurement features and on-board file manager
Camera Operating Environment
*-18deg C to 50deg C (0deg F to 122deg F)
*Short-term up to 70deg C (158deg F)
*Pressure: Waterproof to 45.0m (150.0 ft.) or 4.5 bar (65 PSI) external
*Dose Rate: 10 Gy/hr (~1,000 R/hr)
*Comulative Dose: 600 Gy (~60,000 rads)
Hand-held Controller
*Monitor: 6.4 in. full-resolution VGA (640 by 480 lines)
*Controls: Back-lit buttons and joystick menu navigation