Zehntner ZRP 6030+ Retroreflectometer

A portable handheld retroreflectometer for all types of retroreflective road studs

The Zehntner ZRP 6030+ Retroreflectometer gives you portable, handheld testing capability for determining the night visibility of all types of retroreflective road studs.

  • Easy to use, multi-language menu guidance
  • Measuring system with high long-term stability ensures constant measuring accuracy and thus reliable measuring results
  • Can be used for all types of retroreflective road studs

Use for all types of retroreflective road studs
Determination of the Coefficient of Retroreflection R and RI
Field and laboratory use
Quality assessment

Touchscreen 5.7 colour TFT (LCD), LED backlight, VGA resolution

1 GB internal flash memory

Dimensions road studs: max. 140 mm x 160 mm (max 5.51" x 6.30" x 2.36")

Measurement Modes
R and RI (coefficient of luminous intensity)
C/F (ambient temperature)
rH % (relative humidity)
Measuring Area
(WxH): 130 mm x 30 mm (5.12 x 1.18)

Measuring Range
0 - 2000 mcdlx-1

Measuring Accuracy
Repeatability 2%

8.6kg (18.96 lbs)

Operating Temperature
-10C to +50C (14F to 122F), non condensing

Depending on version:
ASTM E1696
based on EN 1463-2
CIE 54.2
GB/T 24725