Scorpion Blast 900p pressure blast cabinet

This blast cabinet may be small in size but it is a full production heavy duty cabinet.

The 900p is ideal for smaller work shops requiring high performance but minimal floor space usage, or for processing small components that require pressure blasting. As with the 900s this model is built with all the same features as the larger models.

  • Small foot print of 1450mm x 1400mm.
  • Low air to cloth ratio dust collector ensures maximum visibility.
  • Blast pot configured to ease abrasive change over.
  • Use for shot peening, deep surface etching and high production applications for relatively small work pieces.

* Working chamber width: 900mm
* Working chamber depth: 780mm
* Working chamber height: 900mm
* Overall width: 1400mm
* Overall depth:1450mm
* Overall height: 2455mm
* Door opening width: 650mm
* Door opeing height: 750mm
* Total weight: approximately equals 580kg

* Airflow total volume: 510m cube/hr (300cfm)
* Airflow velocity: 0.2m/sec (40ft/min)
* Filter cartridge area: 21m squared (226ft squared)
* Air to cloth ratio: 1.32:1
* Residual dust content: < 2 mg/Nm cube
* Filtering efficiency: 99.99% on 0.5 Mu m particle
* Reverse pulse on time: 0 1 sec. increments of 0.2 sec.
* Reverse pulse off time: 0-5 minutes

* Electrical power supply: 380 415 Volt, 50HZ, 3 Phase
* Cabinet lighting: 2 x 18w
* Cabinet illumination: 750lux
* Dust collector fan power: 0.75kw (1hp)

*Blast generator volume: 15 litres
* Compressed air consumption: 68m cube/hr (40cfm) @ 5.5bar (80psi)
* Working pressure: 2.0 6.8bar (30 100psi)
* Supply air residual oil content: < 5mg/m cube
* Supply air residual humidity content: < 5mg/m Pressure dew point 3 - 5C

* Glass Beads: B/3 - AE/10
* Aluminium Oxide: #24 180
* Steel Grit: =G40
* Silicon Carbide: #24 180
* Stainless Steel Shot: S10 S40
* Ceramic Beads: B125 B20