USM Vision

A total ultrasonic solution to increase productivity in new process pipework

USM Vision offers a complete digital inspection workflow, from the inspection plan creation to the data sharing that can be done wirelessly.

  • Inspection Plan Creation and Validation
  • Guided Data Acquisition
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Data Archiving and Sharing

USM Vision is especially dedicated to the energy construction industry especially carbon steel and stainless steel pipes. It covers the normalized pipe size (NPS) in automatic setup and has higher thickness and diameter in manual setting. Good for both circumferential welds and short exit point wedges and short scanner arms available for pipe to elbow and pipe to flange.

IPC software for creation of the inspection plan and automatic generation of the UT set-ups. Integrate a database with procedures based on international codes and standards and ray tracing functionality for the validation of the UT parameters.

The USM Vision hand-held flaw detector, featuring:
Conventional channel, TOFD, 16/64 or 16/128 Phased Array, Real Time Volume Corrected Images, A-scan saving
Unique user interface to operate a pointing device by two trackballs
Ease of use for untrained operators
26,5 cm (10.4 in) color touch screen with 1024 x 768 resolution
Weighs only 4 kg (8.8 lb)
Hot swap battery exchange for continuous operation
Robust, rubber housing, IP 54
Dimensions: Length top: 367 mm (144.4 in) Length bottom: 310 mm (122 in) Width: 250 mm (98.4 in) Heigth: varying from 60 to 100 mm (23.6 in to 39.3 in)
Modern PC interfaces including USB, Ethernet, wireless connection (WiFi)
IPC and analysis software can be operated from the USM Vision
Transport case

An encoder-scanner, designed for TOFD and Phased Array manual acquisition including:
Manual handle cart with magnetic wheels
Optional chain for the inspection of pipes
Arm with probe and center line pointer holders, forks for TOFD and PA wedges
Transport case

Set of probes and wedges relating to the specified pipe ranges and inspection codes
Rhythm Review 4.2 software for the analysis and reporting for Windows 7
Optional Rhythm modules for archiving, sharing and advance reporting functionalities