PocketMIKE Thickness Gauge

Ideal for testing thickness of boilers,tanks, pipes, tubes and plates.

The PocketMIKE’s integrated product design combines the instrument and transducer into a single package, allowing for true single hand operation and providing a very capable, yet simple to use device.
The PocketMIKE thickness gauge is packaged in a machined stainless steelhousing environmentally sealed to IP67.
Four button operation and Automatic On-Block Probe Zero further support GE'sgoal of providing very capable yet simple to use instruments.
The high contrast backlit display can be mechanically and electronically rotated for ease of reading in any orientation.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Compact design: probe and display unit in one and the same instrument - Never brake a cable again!
  • Direct readout of the digitally displayed thickness value on large, pivoting LCD display
  • Easy and straight-forward operation via four keys
  • Calibration to known wall thickness or to known material velocity
  • Optional backlight (ON, OFF, AUTOMATIC)
  • Integrated, exchangeable 5 MHz probe for all standard applications
  • Measurement range from 1 mm to 250 mm (0.040 inch to 9.999 inch) depending on material and surface
  • Standard AA batteries
  • Machined stainless steel housing. Environmentally sealed for measurements under rough conditions.

The PocketMIKE is a handheld corrosion and general purpose thickness gage with a 5 MHz probe for standard applications such as inspection of corrosion and pitting, boilers, tanks, pipes, and tubes.

  • Physical Size: 100mm High (4 inches)
    35mm Nominal Diameter (1.38 inches)
    12mm (0.5 inch) Probe Diameter
  • Weight: 200 grams with Battery
  • Power Source: One 1.5V AA Alkaline Battery
  • Measuring Range: 1.0mm to 250 mm (0.040 inches to 9.999 inches)
  • Displayed Resolution: 0,01 up to 99,99mm, 0,1 above (0.001 up to 9.999 inches, 0.01 above)
  • Operating Temperature: -10º C to +50º C (14º F to 122º F)
  • Probe Surface Temperature: -10º C to +100º C (14º F to 212º F)