The DM5E family allows you to choose the functionalitu to suit you at a price to suit you.

All versions of the DM5E have the same user-friendly operator
keypad interface. This has a central Mode key, a calibration/on/off
key, two function arrow keys to activate and set functional control
and four arrow keys for adjusting parameter values and for
navigating through the intuitive single level menu. The keypad
allows access to all calibration, set-up and measurement display
modes of the instrument. With the DL version, a file display mode
allows users to create and store thickness reading s in files.
All calibration is menu-driven and the operator is guided through
every step. There is a built-in calibration reminder, which can be
set to remind the user to calibrate after a specified number of
measurements or after a given time period.

  • New Range of High Performance Probe
    A new set of ultrasonic probes has been developed for the DM5E
    family to provide the instruments with optimized performance,
    even at very high temperatures. The DA5xx series complies with
    EN 15317 and includes a 5 MHz standard probe for general purpose
    applications, a 2MHz version, for high penetration as well as a
    7.5MHz fingertip probe. A newly developed 5MHz high temperature
    probe offers an operating range from -10°C up to +204°C. (Standard
    probes operate to 70°C)
  • Thickness Measuremnet Under Coating
    Both the DM5E and the DM5E DL offer Dual Multi Measurement.
    Virtually all components and structures subjected to thickness
    measurement will have some kind of protective coating. Such
    coatings, including paint, contribute significant error to thickness
    measurements of underlying metal walls when using conventional
    methods. In addition, the removal of coatings, and their subsequent
    reapplication, involves considerable cost and time. With the field
    proven Dual Multi feature there is no need to remove any protective
    coating. It is only necessary to select Dual Multi mode, place the
    probe in position and take the measurement.
  • A Range of Measurement Displays
    All versions of the DM5E offer a range of measurement displays.
    These include:
    -Normal: the thickness value appears as large digits in the centre
    of the display.
    -MIN Scan: a minimum thickness scan that allows the user to run
    the probe over the wall surface. After the evaluation period, the
    minimum material thickness measured is displayed.
    -MAX Scan: a maximum thickness scan is exactly the same as a
    MIN Scan apart from the fact that the maximum thickness
    measured is displayed.
    -DIFF/RR%: compares the measured thickness with a
    user-specified nominal thickness. The dimensional difference
    between the two values is displayed, as is the percentage
    -B-Scan: displays a graphic representation of a B-Scan showing
    minimum thickness values. The graph is derived by measuring
    and recording at 1 point per second.

* Operating Principles: Ultrasonic, Pulse Echo Measurement Method
* Measuring Range: Depends on Probe and Material, 0.60 mm to 508 mm (0.025” to 20.00”) in IP to 1st BW Measurement Mode, 2.00 mm to 127.0 mm
(0.079” to 5.00”) in Dual-Multi Measurement Mode, the Coating Thickness Range Shall be 0.3 mm to 2.50 mm (0” to 0.098”).
* Measuring Resolution: 0.01 mm Default - Selectable 0.01, 0.1 mm (0.001” Default - Selectable 0.001, 0.01”)
* Material Velocity Range: 0.508 to 18.699 mm/msec (0.0200 to 0.7362”/msec)
* Material Velocity Resolution: 1 m/s (0.0001”/msec)
* Units: Inch or Millimeter
* Calibration: One-Point Cal, On-Block and Off-Block, Two-Point Cal
* Pulser:
-Excitation Pulse Spike Pulser
-Voltage 120 V into 50 ohm Load, Using 20 MHz Oscilloscope
* Reciever :
-Bandwidth 500KHz to 12 MHz @ -3 dB
-Gain Automatic Gain Control
* Display: High-Resolution Graphical LCD, 64 x 128 Pixels, 53.0 mm x 27.0 mm with Backlight and Adjustable Contrast
* Update Rate: 4 Hz or 8 Hz, User Selectable, 24 Hz Scan Mode Capture Rate
* Thickness Value Display:
-NORMAL View Mode 5 Digit, 10.6 mm (0.4”) High
-B-SCAN View Mode 5 Digit, 2.55 mm (0.1”) High
* Display or Last Reading: Solid Filled or Hollow Digits Indicate Coupled or Uncoupled Condition
* Setups: 9 Standard Setups for Probes
* Alarm Settings: Minimum and Maximum Alarms, Range of 0.25 mm to 508 mm, 0. (0.010” to 20.00”)
Reading Alternates Between Solid and Hollow When Alarms Are Enabled and Violated
* Power Requirements: 2 “AA” Size Batteries
* Battery Life/ Operating Time: Approximately 60 Hours
* Instrument Shut-Off: Selectable ALWAYS ON or AUTO OFF After 5, 10, 15, 30 Minutes of Inactivity
* Language: Selectable English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Chinese
* I/O Connectors:
-Transducer Dual Lemo 00 (coax)
-Mini-USB Mini-USB to PC
* Temperature:
-Operating -10°C to +50°C (+10°F to +120°F)
-Storage -20°C to +60°C (-10°F to +140°F)
* Weight: 223 g (0.597 lb) Including Batteries
* Size: 138 mm x 32 mm x 75 mm
* Shock: IEC 68-2-27 Ea, as per Mil Std 810C Method 516.2 Procedure I with a 15g 11ms Impulse Half Sinusoidal Wave Applied 6 Times per Axis
* Sealing: IEC529 / IP54, Dust Proof/Dripping Water Proof as per IEC 529 Specifications for IP54 Classification