Rightrax HT (Low Temp) system

Designed for permanent installation on pipelines and process plant to provide accurate and repeatable, on-demand wall thickness measurements.

Continues wall thickness measurement of pipes and vessels operating at temperatures up to 350 deg Celsius (662 deg Fahrenheit)

Key Features and Benefits
* Non-intrusive inspection-Sensor simple bond or are clamped onto the inspection area
* Remote Locations- Offshore platforms, remote pipeline sites or other inaccessible areas
* No scaffolding or excavation costs- Once correctly installed no need to revisit the site and no active maintenance required
* Early warning systems- Software provides trending, warning and alarm information with data on demand
* Accuracy-Measurement repeatablity to 0.2 mm (0.008")(low temp) or 0.0025mm (0.0001")(high temp)
* Operator safety- Eliminates the need to spend operators intos hazardous environments or remote locations to carry out wall thickness monitoring
* Optimization of maintenance schedules- Saves valuable time by eliminating unnecessary inspections
* Predictive maintenace-Understanding the effects of gas and crude oil quality on pipe or asset integrity
* Increased asset integrity- The application of direct wall thickness monitoring can easily be justified when you consider:
* Unscheduled shutdowns (i.e.loss of production)
* Outage planning
* Hazard to personnel
* Environmental expousure

  • High temperature crude lines
  • Difficult-to-access or remote high temperature locations
  • High temperature pressure vessels
  • Riser piping
  • Mud piping
  • Slurry line piping
  • Cross-country piping
  • Pressure vessels

HT350x Sensor
* Nominal frequency: 5.0Mhz
* Nominal bandwidth: 100%
* Operating Mode: Delay
* Typical measuring range: 2 - 13 mm (0.080 - 0.5)
Measuring range is affected by material properties, coupling and other factors
* Contact diameter: 21 mm (0.820)
* Couplant: Metal foil
* Coupling pressure: Varies depending on test surface dimensions and finish
* Mounting: Adaptable clamping system
* Cabling: CMX configuration 5 m (16.4 ft) length armor jacket coax cable to open leads (no connector)
Stand Alone configuration - 5 m (16.4 ft) length coax cable to Lemo #1 connector
* Delay length: 17.7 mm (0.7)
* Delat material: 303 Stainless steel / Delay sound velocity : 5790 m/S (0.0228/S) (approx. values)
CMX-HT Sensor Node
* Probe system: Single element 5Mhz probe with stainless steel delay line. The probe is clamped onto the pipe and coupled to the surface with a gold foil.
* System thickness resolution: The resolution of the thickness reading through the complete system is the smallest change that can be reliably detected. This is influenced by short-term temperature fluctuations. These variations will result in changes in the temperature profile across the pipe wall.
* Thickness accuracy: Accuracy depends on correct system configuration of material velocity. Calibration standards or material specifications of the material are required for accurate results.
This accuracy applies for uniformly corroded inside wall. Highly localized pitting may not be detected.
* Thickness resolution single reading: With temperature variations at rates less then 1C (33.8F) per minute over a 5C (41F) range, the resolution is improved to the value obtained using regression analysis.
* Thickness reolution with regression: Reading errors due to short-term fluctuations are removed after taking a series of readings over time and performing a regression analysis.