Predictive Corrosion Management Solutions

Predictive Corrosion Management solutions combine cloud-based software built with Rightrax PM installed sensors to monitor the loss of interior wall thickness of pipes, tanks, and vessels.

Installed sensors providing thickness measurements, combined with cloud-based software, ofer real-time trending, robust visualizations, and out-of-the-box analytics.

Key Features and Benefits
* Monitor interior piping wall loss due to corrosion and erosion
* Make informed decisions with the help of analytics
* Manage and mitigate corrosion-related risks to operations.
* Reduce inspection-related costs.
* Utilize continuous sensor data for better informed asset, maintenance, and process decisions.
* Measure corrosion inhibitor program effectiveness.
* Improve personnel safety

  • Upstream: Gathering network and central processing facilities
  • Downstream: Refneries, Petrochemical
  • Power: Conventional
  • Chemical, Fertilizer
  • Probes
    Sensor type: Sol-gel spray, single element
    Measurement type: Pulse-Echo 0 transducer
    Couplant: Dry-coupled
    Probe dimensions: 24x24x16 mm/0.94x0.94x0.63 in
    Element sizes: 8x8 mm/0.31x0.31 in

  • Motes
    ATEX/IECEx Certification: II 1G EX ia IIC T4 ATEX ZONE 0
    FM approvals: IS CL 1 DIV 1 GP A, B, C, DT4
    Power source: Battery
    Battery lifetime: >5 years
    Ingress Protection: IP67
    Max. number probes per Mote: 64
    Max. number thermal couples (type K) per Mote: 8
    Mote dimensions: 275x150x100 mm/10.83x5.91x3.94 in
    Weight: 3.7 kg/8.2 lb
    Communication (wireless): IEEE 802.15.4e standard (2.4 GHz)
    Maximum distance: 15 m/49 ft. Mote - antenna
    Maximum distance: 10 m/33 ft. Mote - probe
    Maximum distance: 400 m/1,300 ft. Mote - Mote
    Certification (safety): CE, US (UL), CA (CSA) *consult with Baker Hughes representative for country- specific certifications.

  • Mote manager
    Power source: Power over ethernet
    Max. number Motes per Mote manager: 100
    Mote manager dimensions: 275x150x100 mm/10.83x5.91x3.94 in
    Weight: 2.4 kg/5.3 lb
    Ingress protection: IP67
    Communication IEEE (wireless to Mote): 802.15.4e standard (2.4 GHz)
    Communication Ethernet (wired to MFA): (TCP/IP)
    ATEX/IECEx/FM approvals: Not applicable
    Certification (safety): CE, US (UL), CA(CSA) *consult with Baker Hughes representative for country- specific certifications.

  • Operation
    Operation temperature range 200C probes: -30C to 200C/-22F to 392F
    Operation temperature range 400C probes: -30C to 400C/-22F to 752F
    Operating temperature range Mote and Gateway: -30C to 60C/-22F to 140F
    Pipe diameter: 50.8 609.6 mm/2 24 in (belts) >609.6/24 in (on request)
    Nominal wall thickness (on step block): 3 - 50 mm/0.12 - 1.97 in

  • Performance
    Wall thickness repeatability: 0.02 mm/0.8 mil including temperature compensation
    Reference wall thickness accuracy: 0.1 mm/3.9 mil

  • Browser capabilities
    Web browser: Google Chrome
    Predix security:

Based on daily measurements with 64 probes under normal conditions.
Default application is in clock positions. Other configurations are possible.
Excluding antenna
Actual radio frequency range performance is subject to a number of installation variables including, but not restricted to, ambient temperature, relative humidity, presence of active interference sources, line-of-sight obstacles, and proximity of objects (trees, walls, signage, piping, and so on) that may include multipath fading. As a result, actual performance varies.
Actual performance can vary depending upon network bandwidth and schedule for upload to cloud or based on deployment topology.